GEKA's Reborn mascara pack with 93% sustainable material share

  • GEKA GmbH

GEKA's mascara contains sustainable solutions for all 5 components of the cosmetic packaging, and the packaging in total is made of 93% sustainable material share.

  • Bottle: 100% PCR PET
  • Cap: 100% PCR PP
  • Brush: brand new exclusive EOSgreen and ESOgreendelta fibers - bio-based fibers consisting of 100% renewable raw material derived from the castor oil plant
  • Wiper: made of LDPE with a bio-based content of 84%, derived from sugar cane, in addition to partial recycled PIR-LDPE material from GEKA production.  Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, reducing waste to a minimum.
  • Thread: 100% bio-based material delivered from the renewable castor oil plant.

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Sante Naturkosmetik choses GEKA's Shadow Printing and attractEXACT Mascara Brush

GEKA had been chosen by Sante Naturkosmetik to produce the brand's new Mini Makes Mega Volume & Definition Mascara. The mascara brush, attractEXACT, which is made with one-component technology, glides effortlessly through the lashes by simultaneously defining and lengthening them. The innovative Shadow Printing was applied to the cap and also to the bottle, as well as being combined with screen printing on the bottle.

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