GEKA’s lashDIVINE Mascara Brush: Quick Pay-off, Maximum Volume

  • GEKA GmbH

GEKA, a leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of innovative, high-precision beauty applications, presents its bi-injected mascara brush lashDIVINE, which has been designed for quick payoff and maximum volume.

This two-material brush delivers extreme volume, with the stiffer core material providing stability while the outer bristle material catches each lash.

The shape of the brush with its mix of shorter and longer bristles gives great volume to the lashes.

The short bristles deliver the bulk while the longer bristles comb and distribute the formulation evenly on the eyelashes.

Bristles on the tip of the brush give an extra “push”, and can be used to accentuate the lashes on the lower lid and work magic on the tiniest lashes in the eye corner.

A twisting action during the application helps to lift up and separate the lashes with the longer bristles. The even delivery of the bulk builds up, coats and thickens the eyelashes.

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