Brush Cuts and Grindings: Meet GEKA's patented twisted wire mascara brushes

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GEKA's twisted wire brushes can be precisely tailored to the required application, thanks to the wide range of unique manufacturing methods used. Meet 5 of GEKA's patented twisted wire mascara brushes; Siam Brush Cut, Sepa Technology, Hypno Brush Cut, Multi-Benefit brush and Hybrition Technology.

1.SIAM BRUSH CUT: Combine for a strikingly different effect

The patented SIAM brush cut promises especially precise mascara application. Special vertical volume zones on the brush absorb more mass and deliver targeted application to the lashes - a feature that makes SIAM brushes interesting for an immediate ultra-volume effect.

The production process that GEKA has developed also offers considerable potential for individualization: longer and shorter bristles can be freely combined depending on the desired application result. It's a real eye-catcher in both senses of the word!

Brush Cuts and Grindings: Meet GEKAs patented twisted wire mascara brushes

2.SEPA TECHNO­LOGY: The finishing touch

Maximum volume, faster application, no clumping and perfect combability of lashes – the SEPA technology delivers on all fronts. In this process, the ends of the bristle fibers - which are normally rough and cut off flat - are ground to a wedge shape. A special production process optimizes each patented twisted wire brush to the max and transforms it into a real miracle of separation.

3.HYPNO BRUSH CUT: More profile more volume

More profile for more volume: the HYPNO cut conjures up an unmistakable brush profile and can feature up to eight cut edges. The horizontal brush grooves can absorb an increased volume of mascara. And while long bristles ensure a reliable separation of lashes, the shorter bristles intensify the lash volume with each application.

Brush Cuts and Grindings: Meet GEKAs patented twisted wire mascara brushes

4.MULTI-BENEFIT BRUSH: Changing the rules

No clumping, better separation, and faster application are what consumers are looking for in an all-in-one product. The MULTI-BENEFIT BRUSH satisfies this need. Based on experience developing molded brushes, GEKA combines multiple twisted wire brush technologies. The interaction of components offers entirely new possibilities and brushes can be easily adjusted.

The MULTI-BENEFIT BRUSH boasts the impressive potential of twisted wire brushes. Volume, defining, lengthening, curling – pick your preference and create new rules that emphasize your product’s strong points.

5.HYBRITION TECHNOLOGY: Perfectly double twisted

Brush Cuts and Grindings: Meet GEKA´s patented twisted wire mascara brushes

Achieve saturated volume with GEKA's hybriTION technology! An ingenious trick: a hybrid of the innovative EOS fiber and a sophisticated foil coating. By wrapping an ultra-thin layer of foil around the inner wire, the size of the formula reservoir increases. This is wrapped around the inner wire. The mirror-smooth surface of the film transports the mascara from the brush directly to the lashes – without wastage in a single application.

GEKA's excellence in fiber brush productions started in 1960 and since then has been continuously working on the perfect twisted wire brush to fit the needs of the liquid cosmetics industry. The company manufactures mascara brushes using it's exclusive, and patented fiber filaments and refining them with patented brush-cut technologies. Add different high-quality fibers, a range of fiber colors, brush grinds and shapes to create over 600 outstanding designs, which fit the viscosity and the desired application of the mascara.

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