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GEKA GMBH celebrates opening of headquarters' expansion in Bechhofen, Germany

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Creating a futureproof, customer-centric factory GEKA’s expanded headquarter will help to deliver the applicators of the future.

With the expansion of their headquarter in Bechhofen, Germany, GEKA has created a center of excellence for high-precision beauty application solutions. The facility has almost doubled in size to 22’000 m2 and features advanced manufacturing technologies that help GEKA become the applicators manufacturer of the future.

The new facility combines GEKA’s almost 100 years’ experience in development of high-precision beauty application solutions with innovative production systems designed to strengthen their manufacturing and decoration capabilities. The in-house developed assembly line combined with the knowledge and agility of GEKA’s staff will allow to support the customer’s requirements even better.

Boosting decoration capabilities

The new silk screen printing technology and the upgraded hot foil printing capability will give GEKA an edge on the decoration abilities and capacity by raising the number of cylindrical or conical packaging decorated annually. Likewise, the investment and upgrade in the metallization and lacquering process will increase their output and the level of products’ quality.

Sustainable injection molding

More sustainable manufacturing practices are also front and center of the new facility. The Injection blow molding (IBM) activities, for example, will be improved by an optimized use of resins ensuring ideal material properties as well as a reduction in energy consumption.

People-oriented workspaces

With 2 floors of additional office space, the new building creates an attractive environment for business activity. The open-office design lends a fresh feel to the space for a flexible co-working area which is divided by aesthetically pleasant to the eye glass partitions and inviting color schemes. GEKA is proud to put employees first, creating safe and stimulating working conditions for them. The new building will thus see enhanced collaboration and increased transparency between teams.

Ultimately, GEKA aims to offer the best possible workplace for its staff – a place that fosters creativity where innovative ideas can thrive to prepare GEKA for the future.


The expanded Bechhofen facility has been developed with the future in mind. Fully automated industry processes are being implemented to support assembly, packaging, quality control and intralogistics tasks. Interconnected robots, conveyor belts, machine vision systems and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) will help streamline and speed up key processes. Time to market and quality are 2 advantages that will meet the customers’ expectations.

Bernd Wagner, Chief Operating Officer at GEKA, comments:

“Our new center of excellence in Bechhofen will be an efficient and sustainable one-stop-shop for high-precision beauty application solutions. By upgrading our main facility and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies, we will be able to support our customers’ current and future needs.”

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