GEKA's new products: "Blaze and Glory" - colorful and imaginative!

Blaze of Glory

At Luxepack in Monaco we presented a new collection called “Blaze of Glory”. This set is dedicated to one of the trends for Autumn / Winter 2017 / 2018 which will be anything but gray and drab! It will be wonderfully colorful and imaginative! Elegant style meets breathtaking makeup looks and sparkling statements – great for a special occasion. “Blaze of Glory” is an iridescent mix of an aristocratic gala and hypnotic nightclub atmosphere: Inspired by the extravagant world of the cosmopolitan young elite, this trend combines impulsive design aesthetics with opulent shading and glitzy elements in an irrepressibly glamorous style.

The brand-new curved mascara brush curlQUEEN gives lashes an ultimate swing and generous volume. Due to the EOS 2K fiber with its stiffer core and softer exterior surface clumps have no chance. This is also due to GEKA’s patented SEPA technology that creates wedge-shaped fiber tips. Thanks to the overall sleeve decoration with a gradual metallic effect, the cigar shape packaging is a real eye catcher, too.

softSECRET is our new star within our portfolio of molded brushes and is produced using the patented Sandwich process: two different plastic materials create a stable core with extremely soft bristles. Thanks to the harder, colorful brush core the lashes are precisely lifted and perfectly separated, while the transparent, extremely soft bristles reach the finest lashes. The bristles are not only soft, but feature more details: Extra thick bristles in staggered rows and special zig-zag shaped bristles give the lashes an extra upward push while combing them. Bristles at the tip of the brush even reach the tiniest hairs in the corner of the eyes as well as the bottom lashes. Also the packaging is dazzling with its gradual metallization.

Our new lipgloss applicator beautySTYLIST allows to create thin and thick lines thanks to its special design. It is hidden within our squared heavy-wall packaging amazingRUBY which features GEKA’s patented click close system. Another highlight is the 2K wiper, made of two materials with different hardness degrees: The harder material at the top makes it easy to assemble and gives it a secure hold inside the bottle, against high pull-out forces. The softer wiper lip adjusts to the shape of the applicator –and ensures excellent application results. Strongly defined lips are fired up in violet blue micro-gloss.

Small but mighty – the new eyeliner precisionLINER consists of 19 delicate micro bristles which do not spread. Longer bristles in the middle and shorter ones on the outside conjure up precise lines. Eyeliner formulations can be applied very easily with a smooth application feeling. The metal cap of this packaging shimmers seductively in rose gold.

All items are stylishly packed in the trendy rose gold bag by GEKA Accessories. Nail stickers and nail pearls perfect the cool look.

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